Why TDD -> good design

A solid argument for TDD below:

When you start writing tests, you become your own consumer of your code. When the perspective changes, whether your own code is a good design or not becomes transparent 🙂

WUT? — The Netflix Simian Army

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The Netflix Simian Army

I learnt this from the AWS Certified Solution Architect — Associate course. Chaos monkey is a program that is IN PRODUCTION and literally go and “cause chaos”, or randomly kill AWS EC2 instances… How dare you Netflix into doing this?

Whoever thinks about this design is just brilliant, and show case the amount of confidence they have in their own coding. Simply amazing!

Visual Studio 2017 – 7 lesser known debugging tips


2 point on “Data Breakpoints” is really useful. Sometimes we just want to debug a single instance of a type. The ability to assign an ID to an object (e.g. $1) we want to trace and set this=="$1" is just brilliant!

VS2017 has spent a lot of effort trying to make the debugger more developer friendly for multi-threaded application. Appreciate your effort, Microsoft 🙂